Mrs. Green’s World Upcoming Shows

Planting the Seed for Urban Farming

Saturday, February 13 at 12 pm (PT)

Will Allen, Farmer, Founder and CEO of Growing Power - On the credential side of things, Will is recognized as a preeminent practitioner of urban agriculture in America and throughout... » Read more
Rethinking Fashion

Saturday, February 20 at 12 pm (PT)

Sass Brown, founder of EcoFashion Talk, author, editor for Coco Eco Fashion Magazine and Acting Associate Dean, School of Art & Design, Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City » Read more
Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts & Minds

Saturday, February 27 at 12 pm (PT)

Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary - Their mission? To protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals and promote... » Read more
Moving Vision to Action

Saturday, March 5 at 12 pm (PT)

Deborah FleischerFounder and President of Green Impact - Think authentic, creative, professional, connecting to deeper values, inspiring green actions. These are a few of the things that... » Read more
Dream Big, Live Tiny

Saturday, March 12 at 12 pm (PT)

Ross Beck, Customer Service Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - OMG - have you ever wondered if you really could make the leap from normal size house to tiny house? I have, and I am... » Read more
Live Well, Stay Well

Saturday, March 19 at 12 pm (PT)

Carey Davidson, Founder and CEO Tournesol Wellness - One can only hope that Tournesol Wellness is what the future of health care might look like. It is a home for highly personalized... » Read more
wp-Amy Hall
Fashion Giant with a Conscience

Saturday, March 26 at 12 pm (PT)

Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness at EILEEN FISHER - Yes, Eileen Fisher! While 97% of all garments in the US are made elsewhere, they produce 20% of their fashion in Los... » Read more
Moms Clean Air Force

Saturday, April 2 at 12 pm (PT)

Dominique Browning, Co-founder and Senior Director - Don't ya love it? Moms Clean Air Force is a community of moms and dads uniting against air pollution, including the... » Read more
Art Speaks: Nuclear Energy

Saturday, April 9 at 12 pm (PT)

Mary Lou Dauray, award winning artist & consummate traveler - Since 2009, Mary Lou has been creating artwork reflecting her concern about man-made climate destruction. » Read more