Mrs. Green’s World Upcoming Shows

Masterminding a Green Revolution

Saturday, August 23 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Frank Sesno, host of Planet Forward & Director of the George Washington School of Media & Public Affairs - Mr. Sesno is an award winning journalist, a former CNN correspondent, anchor and... » Read more
Trash Talk

Saturday, August 30 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Alex Fried, Founder & Director, Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) - Do you believe that waste is just a logistics problem? Can you even begin to imagine a national movement of student leaders... » Read more
Generation Just do It: Ocean Cleanup Project

Saturday, September 6 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Boyan Slat - Ready for the solution to plastics in our ocean? One that has been proven to be feasible? Join us to hear about how this 19-year-old combines environmentalism... » Read more
Ingenuity is Ripe in the Vineyards

Saturday, September 13 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Paul Novak, WholeVine General Manager - Cold-pressed oils, gluten-free cookies, 16 flours and whole grain cookies made from grapes "scraps" once tossed in the landfill? Yes. » Read more
Taking Care of Business, People and the Planet

Saturday, September 20 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Yalmaz Siddiqui, Senior Director of Environmental Strategy, Office Depot - Office Depot's three environmental aspirations are to "Buy Green," "Be Green" and "Sell... » Read more
From Boat Deck to Dinner Table

Saturday, September 27 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Tj Tate, Director of Sustainability, Gulf Wild - Is that genuine American Red Snapper you just ordered? Do you know where your Grouper is from? Do you know who harvested... » Read more