Have you thought about the possibility that if things had gone differently since the first Earth Day in 1970, the fight against climate change easily could have been led by ranchers and fishermen? And have you ever wondered if, somewhere along the line, you became one of those people who decided that lifestyles like those of your parents, rooted in small towns and content to stay there, were inferior and unsophisticated? Jamie asked herself those questions which resulted in some thought-provoking observations including her sense that the environmental movement has not yet fully tapped into the sense of history and sustenance that naturalists might provide. And then there’s her dad, Glenn Beck. He is a Republican who rolls his eyes at anything involving the words “climate change” and has no qualms about taking his Mustang out for joy rides every weekend. But Glenn composts and is meticulous about fixing things rather than buying new. He loves national parks and, in fact, introduced Jamie to a love of that natural world and gave her an appreciation for its interconnectedness that fueled her environmentalism. This is my very first Father/Daughter team and I look forward to hearing their stories. Get ready to open your hearts and your minds and hear what Jamie and Glenn have to share about their interesting connection and how they navigate their world with seemingly opposing views on the environment. The conversation might just help lead us to finding some much-needed common ground about the protection of our environment. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tank’s Green Stuff.



  • Jamie is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and was struggling with feelings of anxiety around climate change and her work to address the issues of global warming; as well as lifestyle components that she was struggling with because of their carbon footprint.
  • When Jamie came across the work of Renee Lertzman and the concept of environmental melancholia, she engaged with that work and ended up publishing an article for GreenBiz: My dad’s a conservative naturalist; I’m an environmental hypocrite
  • How did Glenn feel when he first learned of the article that Jamie was publishing? That moment was really touching and Glenn shares it on this podcast.
  • What sources can we trust to access real news? How can we get past the headline and reach the truth?
  • Why are individuals still not accepting the science of climate change/global warming? Hear Glenn’s thoughts on why he is still “not fully” accepting the human causes of global warming.
  • What are the solutions we need to embrace, in order to find the common ground, and move forward towards real healing of our planet? What if we started focusing on climate adaptation – changing the conversation away from whether or not global warming is human caused or “real” but rather what can we do to adapt to the climate as it is now and will be in the years to come?
  • Listen to this podcast and hear more about the conversation that Glenn and Mrs. Green had around Bears Ears and how one moment in a conversation inspired further learning.
  • What is Mrs. Green’s take on the language of “environmental hypocrite” and what is really at the heart of what needs to be done to get us to the end goal: a healthy, sustainable, socially just planet for all?
  • Could asking more questions, instead of making statements, be a path to common ground? Could the connection to nature and bringing forth kindness and compassion in our conversations be the choices that deliver
  • “Global warming is happening for us. It is in many ways a gift presenting us with problems that we have to solve together.” – Paul Hawken, Executive Director Project Drawdown



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