Current Partners

Chapman Tucson

Besides eco-friendly cars, Chapman Tucson has a very active Community Green Team that works both internally and externally to promote green practices and support local organizations and charities.

Tucson Electric Power

TEP helps you Think Green and Save Green: purchase discounted shade trees through TEP’s Trees for You program; collect a $35 rebate when you install a Nest Learning Thermostat in your home

Tucson Medical Center

TMC’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their easily cooled/heated one-story adobe buildings, water conscience desert landscaping, and their drive to change all light bulbs to more energy efficient options.

Tucson Water

Tucson Water monitors the quality of our drinking water at more than 200 wells, 61 reservoirs, 266 sampling stations, and 125 selected homes throughout the Tucson Water service area.


HabiStore, Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s nonprofit outlet for new and used home goods, saves over 250 tons of usable materials from landfills every year – shop, donate and volunteer.

Tank's Green Stuff

Tank’s Green Stuff Natural and Organic Garden and Landscape products are made from recycled landscape materials. Their goal is to build local industries based in a new sustainable “green” economy.

Russett Southwest

Russett Southwest has the most highly advanced testing equipment to measure indoor air quality available on the market today. They are an industry leader in indoor air quality.

Goodwill of Southern Arizona
The Energy Specialist
Seaver Franks
Prep & Pastry
Renee's Organic Oven
Rise Equipment Recycling Center
Gourmet Girls Bakery Bistro
Food Conspiracy Co-op