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Tuesday, May 2

Weaving Together Corporate & Community - One Thread at a Time

(Zack) Zachary Angelini, Manager of Environmental Stewardship at Timberland, and Ian Rosenberger, Founder and CEO, Thread - Join us for an interesting discussion about opportunities...   read more »

Down to Earth with Mrs. Green - Every Thursday

Thursday, April 27

TEP: We’ve Got Trees for You!

Nikole White, Program Manager UNS Renewable and Demand Side Resources and Leslie Waters, Energy Efficiency Coordinator UNS Renewable and Demand Side Resources   read more »


The Silent Killer: Plastic Bags

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by committing to not use plastic bags?  They are made primarily from petroleum and gas. They pollute our rivers, our oceans and our landscapes. They compromise our food supply.  They harm plants and creatures of the land and sea.  They really DON’T ever biodegrade.  Please like, comment & share away – but most importantly – just say NO to plastic.  Happy plastic-free shopping!

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Tip of the Day

Install timers on electric water heaters or recirculation pumps so they operate mainly during off-peak hours and visit the TEP website to […] read more »