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Tuesday, November 21

Food Recovery: Fight Waste, Feed People

Regina Northhouse, Executive Director, Food Recovery Network - Prepare to be delighted and inspired. The Food Recovery Network is the largest student movement against hunger engaged...   read more »

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Thursday, November 23

BEST OF SHOW - Tucson Medical Center: An Inspiring Heart to Heart

Mike Urquhart Wellness Instructor, Tucson Medical Center   read more »


The best thing you can do for the planet? Reduce your consumption!

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Tips for a Food Waste-less Thanksgiving

This newsletter is going to be more on the “Mrs. Green Light” side of things as we head into my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. And since everyone I have spoken with in the last twelve hours is over-the-top busy and hurrying up getting ready to relax, this is going to be a record breaking short one too.

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Tip of the Day

Install timers on electric water heaters or recirculation pumps so they operate mainly during off-peak hours and visit the TEP website to […] read more »