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Saturday, July 30

The Many Faces of Energy: Challenges & Triumphs

David Hutchens, President and CEO of Tucson Electric Power and its parent company, UNS Energy Corporation - From where I sit, Dave Hutchens has a big job. Being the head of a major...   read more »

Down to Earth with Mrs. Green, Every Tuesday

Tuesday, August 2

BEST OF SHOW: Thinking About Solar?

Joseph Barrios, Supervisor of Media Relations & Regulatory Communications, TEP   read more »


Got E-waste? Put it to Work!

Watch this short video to see what one nonprofit in Tucson, Arizona is doing to turn  waste into profits  that support amazing job training, computer training and, yes, even Grandmother Computer training. Don’t landfill your e-waste. Instead take it to a recycler like RISE and turn it into something good for the planet and your community.  Small steps, big impact.

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wp-NM-flower 07.15.16

Two Sides to Every Coin

Here are the two sides to my coin. Side one: I am on vacation staying with one of my daughters and her amazing husband in a tiny adobe house in a little town called Arroyo Honda near Taos, New Mexico. It’s been an idyllic mix of time spent with them, and one of my other daughters and two precious and wonderful grandchildren. We have hiked, played games,…

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Tip of the Day

Install timers on electric water heaters or recirculation pumps so they operate mainly during off-peak hours. read more »