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Tuesday, May 23

Ending Poverty: The Apparent Way

Marilyn Monaghan, Director, The Apparent Project - The only way to end poverty is to get people out of it. The Apparent Project in Haiti has one powerful mission: prevent child relinquishment...   read more »

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Thursday, May 25

What Lies Within?

Gary Gibson and Tim Sibley, Russett Southwest - When I found out that upper respiratory disease was listed as the third highest cause...   read more »


The Silent Killer: Plastic Bags

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by committing to not use plastic bags?  They are made primarily from petroleum and gas. They pollute our rivers, our oceans and our landscapes. They compromise our food supply.  They harm plants and creatures of the land and sea.  They really DON’T ever biodegrade.  Please like, comment & share away – but most importantly – just say NO to plastic.  Happy plastic-free shopping!

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Climate Change: 11 Great Reminders

This may sound a bit strange but have you ever asked yourself why you open and read this newsletter every two weeks? Do the topics I write about interest you? Are you curious about what Mrs. Green has been up to lately? Are you serious about or committed to raising your Environmental IQ? Do you care about nature…

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Tip of the Day

Install timers on electric water heaters or recirculation pumps so they operate mainly during off-peak hours and visit the TEP website to […] read more »