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Gina Murphy-DarlingYour Mother Called (Mother Earth) . . . You’d Better Call Her Back! carries Gina Murphy-Darling’s passionate message of respect for Mother Earth.

The Message

Taking on her Mrs. Green’s World podcast personality, Murphy-Darling identifies many of the incredible environmental challenges we face as a human race and offers one woman’s solutions on how we can begin to live intentionally to help preserve the very planet that gives us life.

The Take-away

From listing the dangers of fracking and the harmful chemicals in our food and our cleaning products to giving tips on a greener way to entertain, Mrs. Green will motivate you to wake up and smell the roses while there are still roses to smell. Filled with anecdotes, humor, and some fairly bold statements, Your Mother Called may make you laugh or cry, but most importantly, it will inspire you to change some harmful habits and encourage you to influence others.

Read it, enjoy it, and share the message so that we can all become intentional, committed members of a global community who care about the planet we share.

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Book Reviews

Your Mother Called is a quick, fun read full of practical tips that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. Mrs. Green strikes the perfect balance with her humor and wit in educating (not preaching at) the reader on her vision of taking care of Mother Earth through conscious living and small steps that will ultimately make a big impact in preserving our planet. Mrs. Green truly is inspiring in this “must read” for all of us who want to ensure that the actions we take today help make tomorrow better.

- Amy D. Herschell , Ph.D.Associate Professor of Psychology , West Virginia University

Mrs. Green has single-handedly fueled my own personal “green” journey, and this book will now become my go-to handbook as I continue to green my life. Gina manages to take heavy-hitting—at times daunting—topics and distill them with her own brand of genuine heart and humor so that anyone who reads her words can’t help but say, “Of course! That makes so much sense. I can do that, too.” It will make readers wonder why they haven’t all been doing these things out of sheer common sense from the start. Mother Earth needs more people like Mrs. Green championing her cause. This book is their perfect ‘how-to’ manual.

- Sue Carr , mother of two , Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent delivery of what readers can do immediately, and at no cost, to help our planet. From turning off the water when you brush your teeth, to using reusable bags when shopping, it’s all very simple and seems like small things, but collectively we can make a huge impact. We need to be conscious consumers. This book doesn’t deliver gloom and doom, yet Gina speaks frankly about the urgency of the situation. With humor and great wit, Gina makes this a quick read and a catalyst to readers to pay attention to what we do; what we consume, what we eat, and what we put on our family’s skin. You will learn more than you may have bargained for. That’s the conscious consumer thing. It’s time we all stop going through the motions and really think about our choices. From Mother Earth, thank you all for doing your part.

- Cathy Rankin , Amazon reviewer

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