man holding child looking across field at polluting smoke stacks
Vien TruongLongstanding, highly effective environmental and social justice activist, Vien helped lead a coalition to pass California’s landmark SB 535 (de Leon) law, which reinvests hundreds of millions of dollars in disadvantaged communities and offers a national model for making polluters pay. Vien has received many prestigious state, regional and local awards for her work advocating on behalf of those most vulnerable to climate change. To make real progress on climate change, we need a true collaborative movement, reaching across race, class and ethnic divisions. In California, where 73% of those under 18 years old are people of color, Vien Truong will walk us through practical examples and models of what success looks like – and what it’s going to take to build this movement. In a word? Vien is a force. I heard her speak at the Bioneers 2016 Conference and could not wait to share her passion, her knowledge and her success with bringing about much needed change.



  • Green for All is a social justice accelerator that works on solutions to poverty at the federal, state and local levels. They are dedicated to building an inclusive, green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.
  • Vien Truong is fighting for a new economy, a new democracy, a new relationship with the land and with each other.
  • The youngest of eleven children, Vien arrived in the United States as a refugee in the 1980s. Growing up in this country, she saw what was happening – an increasing disenfranchisement of those suffering at the bottom. Vien’s life work became connecting the climate problem and the economy problem.
  • What identifies a marginalized community? Learn the factors by listening to this podcast.
  • When you are poor, policy tends to happen to you and does not include your voice in the development phase. The issues we are facing as a global society today are because policies have been put into place that prioritize profits over people. Creating a global economy that works for all is key.
  • What does a green economy look like? How about a world that works for everyone? Vien has a very clear vision and shares it during this podcast.
  • Green For All put a bus tour together to bring media attention to and support for Flint, Michigan – this country needs compassion right now and all of us need to be asking “how can I help” and then take the necessary actions to find solutions.
  • There are two emotions that are the base of all others – fear and love. We need to fight, not from fear but from love! What are we for, rather than what are we against.
  • The impact of climate change is far reaching. When we look at issues of hunger, water, refugees etc the roots of these issues can be traced back to climate change.
  • United Nations statistic: If we don’t do something drastic to address the problems to address climate change, by 2050 we could see 200 million climate refugees. Figuring out what to do to prevent this is the key – not being alarmed by what we will do when it happens.
  • The current political environment in the United States may very well be on purpose moving us all to be in touch with what is really important.
  • Can we shift our consciousness to having enough, instead of having abundance of material items? When we show up for others, we can reach having enough.



  • Support the great work of organizations like Green Bronx Machine
  • Support the residents of Flint, Michigan
  • Take the Frontlines First Pledge
  • Listen to Mrs. Green’s interview with Tzeporah Berman
  • Get involved in the legislation to help coal miners transition to new jobs and get the support needed for their families and communities!