What does a city like Tucson do with properties that people are avoiding developing because whatever was there before might have had an environmental impact and nobody wants to buy them? The answer is: the Brownfields Project. Brownfields Community-wide Assessment Grants are awarded to assist commercial real estate developers’ performance of environmental due diligence at abandoned, idle, or underutilized “brownfields” property. From Asbestos Surveys to lead-based paint assessments and everything in-between, the City staff are there to help grantees make safe, responsible decisions about to build or not to build! I am ready to learn all about this. You? This show made possible due to the generous support of the City of Tucson, Department of Environmental Services.


  • A “greenfield” is a property that has not been developed. Brownfields is a property that has development on it and there is usually an environmental impact or a perceived environmental impact as a result of that development.
  • The program is funded through the EPA, so the properties that are eligible are commercial properties.
  • The properties that are of interest are not only the properties that are being considered for sale, but properties in the surrounding area.
  • Who is more interested in getting these properties developed? Kayla and Rolanda talk about the economic impact and driving forces of this program on this podcast.
  • How about the impact of asbestos and lead-based paint? How are they showing up in these projects? This podcasts gives us some insight
  • How does the public know about the Brownfields Project? The consultant network is a large part of the success of this program. Outreach is happening with real estate agencies and community leaders to continue getting the word out about the success of this program.