When you visit Ron’s website, it states that Ron “occasionally can be found in low Earth orbit, on the bottom of the ocean, or meeting new crew-mates  on Spaceship Earth.” When I met Ron, he was meeting and speaking to new crew-mates at an amazing event called Fast Pitch and he had us all from hello. Ron described, in detail, about an experience he had in 2008 on the International Space Station looking down at our indescribably beautiful Earth. As he soaked in the indescribable beauty, he couldn’t help but think of the inequity that exists on this apparent paradise we have all been given. He couldn’t help but think of all the people who don’t have enough clean water to drink or enough food to eat, of the social injustice, conflicts and poverty that exists throughout the earth. While in space, he pondered the question: if we have the resources and the technology to solve the challenges we face, why do they still persist? Join me as I ask Ron about his experiences in Space, what kind of answers he has found and how it has impacted this phase of his life’s journey.




  • Ron is elevating our perspective on our planet in many ways, but especially through his work with World View!
  • Perspectives from a man that has seen the entire planet:
    • Seeing countries united and the power of what we can accomplish when we agree to work together, is life changing.
    • Ron worked at the bottom of the ocean when he first started with NASA and gained an understanding of ocean life and health.
    • The work that Ron has done on this planet has given him the opportunity to see the best and the worst in humanity.
    • A veil was lifted and the truth was exposed to Ron in each of his experiences – the true interrelated and interdependent nature of our world has been made clear to him.
  • Saying goodnight to the Earth was part of Ron’s routine each evening in space – the contradiction between the beauty of our planet and the reality of life for a number of beings living on Earth was clear. We have the resources and technology necessary to solve our problems – why do we still have them? Ron believes that we still have the problems we have because we have not learned how to truly work together.
  • We don’t need more thought leaders. We need action leaders! Amen.
  • How do we break down the barriers of “us vs. them” – first step to be able to have tangible, meaningful action/collaboration is to realize the filters/boundaries through which we view the world in….you need to examine your perspective. Learn more about zooming out to understand what is right in front of us.
  • “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. But there is a missing piece – they have to have access to the pond!
  • What can we put into action that will move us to a truly collaborative world? Every single one of us is considerably more powerful than we ever realize. Why do we not realize our power? Learn more about Ron’s thoughts on putting an action plan into motion during this show.
  • Give an asteroid a nudge! We need, everyday, to make sure every single one of us have more positive nudges (than negative ones) happening during our day.
  • 5 steps to effective decision making from The Orbital Perspective:
    • Is the decision/course of action based on the best scientific, truth data available to us?
    • Does the decision/course of action create harm elsewhere (beyond the area of concern)?
    • Would the decision/course of action survive being placed in the spotlight or does it require secrecy to be successful?
    • Does the decision/course of action project positive long-term effects? Does it call harm in the long-term?
    • Does the decision/course of action take into account the priorities: planet, society, economy or economy, society, planet?
  • The first victim of climate change is the economy. It’s not the economy versus the environment, it is holding both as the priority. We can achieve both!
  • One of the essential truths of space: when you look at Earth, from space, you do not see the economy. You see an iridescent biosphere teaming with life. Ron shares how to flip our perspective by diving into this truth – listen now to hear more.
  • December 24th 1968 was the first time that human beings saw Earth hanging in the blackness of space. The truth of that first Earth rise was that we are one people traveling on one planet towards one common future. What do we want the world to look like on December 24th 2068? What is our basic operating system in 2068? What do we need to do between now and then to get there? 2018 is our mid-course correction time – learn more about this by listening to this podcast!