Native American women marching with sign that says My mom, sisters, aunties, and grandma are sacred
Jayden LimWhat would it be like to grapple with stereotypes and historical trauma all while trying to find your true identity? Try to imagine the courage of a little girl, in kindergarten, eagerly raising her hand on Columbus Day, to claim her Native American heritage, and protest the celebration of Columbus. Then, what it would feel like to be told by your teacher that you are not Native American, because you were perceived as the Korean in the primarily white classroom. Imagine Jayden Lim’s real-life experiences. Join me to hear her story and why she is now a youth activist demanding that we move beyond the headdress. And she is not referring to the headdress that is meaningful to the Plains and other tribal communities. She’s talking about the white man’s interpretation of the headdress as a savage and uncivilized representation of Native Peoples. Get ready to think and be inspire.



  • Issues of race, gender and socio-economic status are directly linked to the work being done to insure we have a sustainable, healthy environment on our planet.
  • Young people are rising up and taking the lead on the cultural, historical and social issues facing our planet – Jayden’s story is a tremendous illustration of this leadership.
  • What does it mean to go beyond the headdress? Jayden inspires us to examine our perceptions and stereotypes and provides a path forward on this show – join us.
  • Where do native people stand today in the United States? Jayden’s insights are invaluable – learn more on this podcast.
  • How can we address our collective societal problems within our classrooms before they reach our courtrooms? Great way to shift focus onto the roots of societal problems and respond from there – rather than respond to the symptoms.
  • What can we expect to see from Jayden in the future? Whatever path she chooses, the future looks bright for this youth leader.



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