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Xavier RameyDiversity, equity and inclusion, community engagement, public policy-informed corporate social responsibility, and equity-focused philanthropy are the major strategic service areas that Justice Informed uses to ignite people, processes and cultures. They help the companies and organizations they work with to execute these guiding principles in ways that take advantage of a globalized world, workforce, and production system.  Their teams work with organizations to develop public policy-informed, sociologically-supported strategies for a more dynamic and inclusive workforce. Justice Informed also works with organizations and companies to build strategies productively, empathetically and helps to ambitiously engage the communities around them.   Translation:  Cutting edge, human centered, strategic and relevant.  What better way to launch our 2019 MGW year than by learning about an organization completely aligned with our values? This show made possible due to the generous support of Martha and Abbott Taylor.



  • Getting where Xavier is today was always possible but not probable – what does this mean? Xavier brings this into view for us as we kick off this show.
  • We are all required to do this work – the point of life is not to sustain my own breathing but the point of life is to make sure that my breathe counts for those living with me.
  • The work of justice is the process of confronting your fears.
  • The word radical means to get to the root – you are saying things that are awkward but necessary.
  • The biggest gift that we can have is not to convince someone but it is the gift of consideration– when we wake, it is the most hopeful time for each of us; when we come to the point of considering equity, that is the morning and it should be filled with hope.
  • What are the foundations of peace? Peace requires reconciliation. Go deep with Xavier and Mrs. Green on this podcast.
  • What does it mean when we say “privileged people use time as a weapon”? Learn more on this podcast.
  • Poverty is a creation of systems, government policies and human behavior – there is choice and selection and there is probability and possibility in the process of poverty.
  • Justice Informed (JI) is a social impact-consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • JI works from four strategic service areas: diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); community engagement; public policy-informed corporate social responsibility; and equity-focused philanthropy.
  • Justice is what love looks like in public – and Xavier extends it to say that love is a form of relationship when you are being specific with someone. How is this specificity accepted as a form of discrimination? We are going deep on this show – join us.
  • Why are we so frustrated, angry, exhausted by the issues of race, justice and equity? Xavier’s response is an awakening – move past the feeling of overwhelmed and wake up with us on this show.
  • We are in urgent times – what is it going to take to make the changes we need to make? Xavier believes it begins with interruption. Learn more on this show.
  • Privilege maintains itself by fundamentally insisting on exceptions being the standard.
  • Take action today – Xavier has action steps we all can take by understanding the roles we can embrace and start the work where our privilege begins.


  • Learn more about the work of Justice Informed by visiting their website and learn more about Xavier by visiting his website
  • Watch the video of Xavier speaking at Rotary International, mentioned during this podcast

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