single use plastic glass embedded in sand and beach
Cristina PolsgroveAs a global community, emphasis has been placed on the importance of recycling and sharing a collective pride about recycling efforts. What is more important and to which we need to shift the spotlight is the first “R” – REDUCE. It is no secret that plastic is polluting our oceans and rivers, taking over our landfills and what many people are not aware of, impacting the food we eat and, in turn our health.  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by educating ourselves about the overuse of single use items – especially plastic and by committing to practicing the first “R” to reduce our use. With Earth Day just a few days away, join us to get your green on and get ready to take your next steps in working towards a healthier planet, a healthier community and a healthier YOU! This show made possible due to the generous support of the City of Tucson Department of Environmental and General Services .



  • What is happening with recycling in Tucson, Arizona and the state of Arizona? How is it linked to what is happening in China? Cristina provides the facts and inside information on this show – join us.
  • Recycling markets are important to understand when trying to problem solve waste – important insights shared on this show.
  • One of the immediate challenges that needs to be addressed is that we make sure our recyclables are clean– just making sure it is clean would help tremendously.
  • We need to place an emphasis on the third “R” – REDUCE. And what about RESPONSIBILITYand REFUSE?
  • Alkaline batteries can be placed in the trash but rechargeable batteries are considered household hazardous waste and need to be disposed of respectively – Cristina shares the info you need to know in Tucson to dispose of household hazardous waste.



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