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Gar AlperovitzAs ecological and economic justice movements hit the same hard limits of possibility, being realistic today means getting serious about what might have formerly been impossible: actually replacing our broken corporate capitalist system. Join us to learn how we can begin to build together for the systemic change we need to save both democracy and the planet. As a political economist, author, former legislative director in the House and Senate, nonprofit innovator and scholar, Gar utilizes his vast experience and education to explain to us about breakthrough models for community-based political-economic development and new institutions of community wealth ownership. He will highlight local, state and national policy approaches to community stability in the era of globalization that really work and can spread widely. Sounds like hope for the future to me.



  • One way to look at American systems is through wealth distribution and the lack of equal distribution – how this wealth is distributed keeps systems as they are or worse. How we organize our economic life – is it right? What is the design of the system – what are its pieces and can we think about different pieces that produce more equitable or environmentally stable outcomes?
  • Large-scale systems revolve around who owns most of the wealth – Gar provides a historical lens to examine the issues we are facing today.
  • What would be a way, starting at the bottom, to change who owns the wealth and power, so that you can build economy, equity, environmental stability and community?
  • What is evolutionary reconstruction? Changing who owns “it” through evolutionary rebuilding – Gar sheds light on this concept on this podcast.
  • A shining example of the success of evolutionary reconstruction? Gar shares the Cleveland Ohio success story: Evergreen Cooperatives
  • A different sensibility and imagination are needed to shift what is possible in our local communities – it does not start with a formula, it starts with a framework.
  • What do we do with large systems like transportation and utilities? You will be inspired! Join us to hear Gar’s thoughts on how we lay a path to success.
  • Want to do something to shift systems in your local community? Gar has the information you need to take first steps – key: learn about what is working in other communities and just do it.



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