10How many books have you read that inspired you to go out and actually have a piece of jewelry made to be a constant reminder of it’s important message? Sound a bit dramatic? Well, truth be told, that’s exactly what I did.

The Ying and Yang of Climate Crisis


After spending ten years reading about, researching, interviewing, writing about the climate crisis, Brendan Kelly’s book, The Yin and the Yang of Climate Crisis, drove home the point that solving this crisis has to start as an inside job. In true Western thought, we are always looking for external causes to address, to mitigate, or to impact the climate. Greener cars, more energy efficient homes, made-in-America clothing are some of the solutions that are often discussed. We point OUT, we identify things that “people” or industry or car manufacturers can do to reduce carbon emissions and reduce green house gasses.  (Hint: we ARE people!)

True Solutions

Brendan Kelly skillfully and inspirationally brings it around to where the true, lasting solutions begin: with each and every one of us. He explains that climate change is not fundamentally a technical problem of greenhouse gases that can be addressed with technical solutions.  It is a symptom of the modern way of being and living in the world.  The Yin and the Yang of Climate Crisis makes us realize that the human body is a mirror of the earth and provides us with a deep understanding of how human health is linked to the well-being of our planet. Kelly’s book provides readers with the crucial information needed to embrace a more holistic way of thinking about personal and environmental health.


But did I really have a necklace made to remind me to go within for solutions relative to a healthy planet before I go searching outside of myself and my own behavior?  Indeed, I did. I hope that gets you interested enough to read the book!

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Gina Murphy-Darling


From about the age of five, Gina has been on the path of being a disruptor for good. A dreamer at heart, Gina is madly and passionately in love with this great planet of ours and is tireless in her efforts to preserve it.