At Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona sustainability is an everyday practice. They literally divert millions of pounds of “stuff” from going into our southern Arizona landfills each year. And they partner with Dell ReConnect to make sure electronic devices don’t go into the landfill either! So how does the donation cycle really work? How does Goodwill reduce, reuse, recycle? And how much do they do as an organization to make sure they are leaving a smaller carbon footprint – green from the inside out? And did you ever think what it might cost Goodwill to get rid of their waste for things they can’t sell? So much to learn, so much to share. Please join us. This show made possible due to the generous support of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.



  • Fashion is the third filthiest industry in the world in terms of contribution toward climate change – Mrs. Green shopping thrift is a true action she can take to combat climate change and encourages you to do the same.
  • 2016-2017 Goodwill of SAZ, with the help of their donors, diverted over 28.3 million pounds of waste out of the landfill. It is over 3 billion pounds collectively from all Goodwills – and Goodwill is now the largest non-governmental recycling center. Goodwill has over 40 donation locations in southern Arizona!
  • How does Goodwill truly help fight climate change? Matthew provides some really important insights during this podcast!
  • Goodwill partners with Dell to collect old computer parts to be recycled – since 2010, we recycled over 1300 tons of computer parts! 2% of what Americans throw away is e-waste and the harmful chemicals in those items are dangerous to the planet.
  • What is the donation cycle at Goodwill? Judith gives us the insider’s look at the process during this show.
  • The proof of Goodwill’s impact is in the numbers! Since July 2017, Goodwill has recycled 2.7 million pounds of textile; over 1 millions pounds of books have been recycled or donated; almost 350,000 pounds of shoes and 162,000 pounds of scrap metal!
  • What happens to human beings when the spring season rolls around? There is a process that happens to us and when our spring cleaning drive kicks in, remember Goodwill is an opportunity to benefit your community!
  • Over 10,000 people in Southern Arizona have been served by programs through Goodwill – your donation matters!