Jannie Cox, Founder, Meet Me at Maynards

Talk about one person making a difference!  Meet Jannie. Over nine years ago, she got an idea for a runners club that she saw in Colorado that promotes active lifestyles and social interactions. Game on. Only Jannie took things many steps further and the Tucson version had a bigger mission: To bring active adults AND families to downtown Tucson to enjoy healthy, social exercise, experience the beauty, history and architecture of Tucson’s unique neighborhoods and to appreciate and patronize local businesses.  Join me as Jannie shares with us how Meet Me at Maynards has become a valued, popular weekly Tucson event where hundreds of Tucsonans gather every Monday for almost a decade. From their DocWalk  to restaurant discounts to fun raffles, there is never a dull moment! As for Jannie? She is a walking, living, healthy and thriving example of one person making a difference.  I cannot wait to hear what she has to say and hear how things have literally blossomed. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Medical Center.


  • Meet Me at Maynards is founded on the intention to bring people together, outside – happy people being together, creating community and getting healthy – TOGETHER.
  • How did this movement start? Jannie shares the inside scoop of how something so great began in the city of Tucson.
  • Do you have a non-profit that either you are leading or that you love? You can get your non-profit involved in this community event! Learn more on this podcast.
  • Who shows up at Meet Me at Maynards? 70% of the people are ages 50 and over and 80% of those involved come to walk.
  • There are great events to get involved with through Meet Me at Maynards – from DocWalk to Trash Night and more. Check out their website for more information!
  • The Meet Me Restaurants offer great discounts and deals for participants on Monday nights!
  • In the nine years that Meet Me at Maynards has been in existence, 200,000 people have participated in the event! 26,500 people are registered within the Meet Me at Maynards database! Jannie shares the impact Meet Me at Maynards has made – these numbers will make you say “O”!



  • Start your own Meet Me event in your community! Learn more here!
  • Mark your calendar for April 9, 2018 and join Meet Me at Maynards for their birthday party downtown! It will be a live music and food fest – check out their website and Facebook page for details.