Emmanuel Dagher has become recognized as a global Humanitarian, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Multi Best-selling Author who truly walks the talk when it comes to living from the heart. Emmanuel’s early challenges of growing up in the war-torn country of Lebanon have helped him develop a level of compassion and awareness that heals those who enter his space. Emmanuel’s ultimate desire is to remind everyone he meets of the wholeness that resides within every cell of their being; leading them back to the happy, rich and fulfilling life they desire most of themselves. Emmanuel has quickly come on the world stage through his wisdom, healing gifts and humanitarian work, giving him the opportunity to present and facilitate global healing at the United Nations in New York City where the heart of global diplomacy occurs, at the World Congress, Consulates, and other international events that promote world peace and healing. I had the honor and privilege of meeting this amazing human being at the United Nations this past spring. And once again, I could not wait to share him and his message with everyone in the MGW tribe.  Tune in to hear about hope, possibility and change.



– Emmanuel’s reflections on the current political environment in the United Status is incredibly insightful and an important message for all of us to hear, consider and reflect on as we move through each day of this experience – learn more in this podcast!

– With all that is happening in the United States and the world there’s a lot of fear in the collective. This is an opportunity for breakthroughs…fear brings movement/momentum and when we step into it, we receive the breakthrough.

– Making a connection with nature is essential to the essence of being human. Our planet is a reflection of us – being conscious of the imprint you are making on the planet is of the greatest importance. Taking care of yourself is essential to taking care of the planet. Our planet reflects back to us our own health and balance.

– In the most challenging times, love is what forms our ability to overcome adversity. You are not alone.

– When we enter into a “we versus them” position, it gives us feedback as to whether we are being sympathetic or compassionate.

– Sympathy versus compassion – which are you expressing? Compassion has nothing to do with sympathy. Be compassionate and don’t come from a place of victim consciousness (sympathy).

– When you are being compassionate, you are seeing past the story/illusion and seeing the whole/the perfect/the true essence, remembering that the person was once a baby and seeing them in that wholeness.

– Energy is measurable – we are made up of our physical, mental and emotional selves. Our minds often create a protective device against what we can’t see or hold  and our minds tend to dismiss it. When we say that is too “woo woo” that is the protective device of our mind.

– When we understand that everything around us is energy…the healing can truly begin. We all will awaken to the truth of “whole/everything is energy and we are connected in that energy” – some just arrive sooner than others….but we will all get there.

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