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Seth GodinTeaching, mentoring and inspiring countless people around the world, by focusing on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Seth Godin is making a ruckus. Are you inspired to make a ruckus and preserve the planet? This is the podcast for you. Seth’s daily blogs guide people to do things like making sure we are on the right bus and explains that once we commit, once we engage, we have to commit to “ship.” He helps people to get their ideas to spread and to make sure they know what they are tracking. Seth asks provocative questions like: who did you change? Who trusts you?  Who would miss you if you were gone? He makes you think about if your idea is profitable, difficult or important. In simple terms, he doesn’t tell us what to think, he just wants us to. Come think with us.



  • Are you inspired to make a ruckus? Create a clear intention and establish a tribe with the connections necessary to get your idea to spread. Sound right up your alley? This podcast is the one for you!
  • We have choices – the thing that feels easy in the short run is not the step that will get you to the top.
  • Stay focused on your audience – know whom you are trying to reach. Begin by saying; “what is the smallest group of people, that if I make an impact on them, it will be enough.”
  • If we are going to try and change the culture in significant ways – Seth shares very clear steps that we must take to create important, life-long impact. Join us on this podcast to learn more!
  • Humans are not swayed by peer-reviewed statistics. They are swayed by visual stories – it is how we make decisions and is deeply ingrained in our being. What do we need to do to reach the masses with the message of planet preservation? Seth has the vision and shares what action needs to be taken on this podcast.
  • How big and how audacious should a movement’s plans be? How do you know what you are doing is doable and what steps will be taken along the way? You need to be very clear as to which groups of people will be changed, in which way and in what period of time – and do this in a deliberate way.
  • The media cares about getting seen – not what they write. The future is up to us – it is not held hostage, we hold the future. What is your challenge in leading your tribe? Great insights from Seth during this show!
  • A quote from Timothy Leary (when people at Harvard asked him what they should do next): “Find the others” – if we find the others and create the connection and move the energy that comes from that connection, change will happen. The mistake we are making is not that we are failing to get worked up enough – the mistake we are making is that we are failing to make the connection with others.
  • The things that happen in the world inform how we all think – but the key is resisting those flashes of time and staying focused on connection and what you are trying to change – what important work you are doing and not grabbing a hold of something that will matter now but will be obsolete in 12 hours from now.
  • Why are the planet preservation buses not standing room only? Seth has a very important message to hear and pay attention to, as to what climate warriors need to do, and it includes focusing on one sentence: “People like us do things like this”. Climate warriors need to create the culture – what is our standard? What does it look like when we are acting our best selves? We need to build honest, true, impactful stories.
  • Fear will not go away – but you can dance with it. You can use it as a compass – you can listen to your fear and then do something important.


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