Social Venture Partners is an exciting and ever expanding community of engaged philanthropists dedicated to building the capacity, strength and impact of nonprofits in addressing social problems. They believe it starts with one person who joins many people and together they will help build entire communities able to solve some of the most entrenched social challenges. Join us to hear my dear friend Jennie Grabel share information about SVP’s programs, initiatives and impact. You will be inspired and encouraged in what many of us believe are challenging times. This show made possible due to the generous support of LP & G Marketing.




  • So much of the work done in communities, that impact our planet in a positive way, are done so through non-profits.
  • Social Venture Partners (SVP) Tucson is essentially a funding organization that strategically helps non-profits through capacity building. What is capacity building? Jennie describes this work in detail during this podcast. Join the conversation and listen today!
  • There are SVPs all over the world! SVP was founded in Seattle but is now global…and each SVP is working in their community.
  • What is the cutting edge in philanthropy? SVP is leading the way with this information and (by providing these resources) lifting up our community non-profits so that they can reach maximum success.
  • Fast Pitch is an annual event sponsored by SVP that Mrs. Green calls a phenomenon! Jennie shares the genesis of Fast Pitch and why it is such an important event for Tucson.


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