Establishing partnerships that benefit business, the community and the planet are the ideal. Since 1982, Tucson Electric Power has worked with the Tucson Urban League and Pima County to help limited-income residents reduce their energy expenses through the installation of improved insulation, upgraded cooler motors and other such “weatherization” improvements to their homes. But it doesn’t stop there. TEP sponsors energy conservation workshops to teach limited-income customers how to utilize their energy more efficiently and how to be in control over their energy bills. Besides conserving energy, this partnership has impacted other areas of the community. Join us to hear more from Ernie and Hector about this innovative program and how it all works for the greater good. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power Company.



  • Tucson Urban League is moving into services related to financial independence for their clients. Partnering with Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is part of their program related to energy efficiency in the home.
  • 54% of the people that ride buses in Tucson do not own their own vehicle – it is essential that services are easily accessible and on mass transit routes.
  • TEP, Southwest Gas, Department of Energy, Department of Housing, Tucson Water, community elementary schools and high schools are all partners of Tucson Urban League.
  • The weatherization program is beyond caulking and stripping windows – it now encompasses all aspects of the home that has to do with energy use. Hector gives us the inside scoop on this podcast!
  • Ernie and Hector have great personal stories of how their paths led them to the Tucson Urban League – listen to get the scoop!
  • What are the results/positive impacts that Ernie and Hector see because of their work? Good news shared on this show!



  • Support the work of the Tucson Urban League
  • Be in touch with Russett Southwest to schedule your in-home air quality testing – listen to our podcast with Gary Gibson, mentioned during this show: What Lies Within?

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