In this day and age how exciting is it to read about a friendly energy saving competition among an elementary, middle and high school? From where I sit? VERY! Join me to learn from Ryan about Sunnysude Unified School District’s “Battle of the Sunnyside Buildings,” a competition among Elvira Elementary School, Challenger Middle School and Star Academic High School in Tucson, Arizona. It’s part of a plan where Tucson Electric Power (TEP) will provide an estimated $800,000 in energy efficiency rebates this year to help Sunnyside campuses become more sustainable through energy-saving improvements and student programs. It gets better. Ryan will share with us how all three schools are installing energy efficient lighting and other upgrades to help reduce energy use, lower electric bills and brighten learning environments for children. We will also hear about the plan for students to become “energy ambassadors” in search of ways to reduce energy and water usage in the classroom and at home. There’s something about integrated approaches that I simply love and I can’t wait to hear more. Please join us and spread the good, green word. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power Company.


  • Sunnyside School District is one of the school districts in Pima County.
  • Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is very committed to helping schools save money because every penny saved goes towards bettering the education of their students.
  • Older buildings, being used by school districts are stressed by the school calendar and the modern needs of students – how do we increase the efficiency of our schools to save money; and how do we engage the students in the process to educate them about energy efficiency?
  • Learn more about the innovative and exciting Battle of the Buildings created by Sunnyside School District – through programs like these, the ripple effect is huge! By getting children involved, they positively impact their schools and take what they learn home to their families.
  • Last year, in the United States, the utility sector spent $100 billion on upgrading the grid to become a smarter grid.



  • Want to start an Energy Ambassador’s Club in your school? Contact us at to get more information!