In any city in America, growth comes with growing pains especially when it comes to transportation improvement projects that impact access to businesses. In Pima County, Arizona, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is somewhere in the middle of executing a $2.1 billion, 20-year plan, approved in 2002, that included $10 million in funding for Main Street. Main Street’s mission? To provide outreach and consulting services to businesses in the related improvement zones, which will enable them to sustain their business and make choices that will enhance their ability to succeed. Britton shares with us what exact services are offered including how the RTA plans to minimize construction impacts on businesses and the resources available through the MainStreet Program. This program made possible due to the generous support of Pima Association of Governments.




  • MainStreet Business Assistance Program works with small businesses to consult and help address the potential impacts from transportation projects, such as widening roads and work towards helping facilitate the process.
  • Small businesses are at the core of communities, so the MainStreet Business Assistance Program works hard to meet their needs and hear their concerns when there are transportation projects.
  • Listen to the full podcast to find out more about how the MainStreet Business Assistance Program is helping our community and helping businesses grow!


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