Kimber Lanning, Founder and Director for Local First Arizona

There is a reason why Kimber Lanning is flying all over the country to speak to other Local First organizations: Kimber and her team have successfully grown the Local First organization in Arizona into a large statewide business coalition representing nearly 3,000 locally owned businesses of all industries and in all sizes across the state. Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses. They support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Join us to hear from Kimber why loving your community is so important and how it leads to building strong, sustainable communities. A show that will inform and delight? Guaranteed! This show made possible due to the generous support of Local First Arizona.


  • You need to dig a little deeper to get to know a place – patronizing locally owned businesses gets you to the heart of a community.
  • How did Kimber go from being a locally owned business owner ,that was frustrated with a system that favored the big box stores, to taking action to create change? It starts with how she was raised – hear the story in this podcast!
  • Local First Arizona is a movement – the world is waking up to the awareness of how the world is currently not working for all of us and as consumers, we are in the drivers seat. We need to think about how we are spending money, understand how the economy works and retain more wealth in our community.
  • Rural communities are criminally overlooked – especially when you examine our food systems.
  • Local First Arizona is advocating to fix the broken systems in the state of Arizona – putting our children, our future, first.
  • One pillar in the work of Local First Arizona is food – growing sustainable, financially strong local communities…food is a very important element. The Good Food Finder AZ is a way to connect people to a healthier food system throughout the state of Arizona.
  • Two key reasons why Local First Arizona is focused on food in our state: to increase healthy food access and to limit the missed opportunities for employment around food in our state.
  • Why is it important to put your money in a locally owned bank or credit union? This can be one of the most important things you do to create a mindful, sustainable life! Learn more on this podcast.
  • In the spirit of a “rising tide lifts all ships” – Local First Arizona started Fuerza Local – everyone wins when we lift each other up and work together.
  • Look locally and the solution for your business is right in your neighborhood – together, we can.
  • How does Local First incorporate climate reality into the work they do? The impact they are having on the planet is not only positive but it is truly sustainable – Kimber shares what that looks like in this podcast.
  • Can one person really make a difference? Kimber has the absolute answer of “YES” you can and details out the steps you can take to start today.


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