City of Tucson looking toward Catalina Mountains
Peter DobrovolnyAfter spending less than five minutes with Peter Dobrovolny, it was very clear: this man is on a mission to combat climate change and engage others to combat it with him. Peter is the force behind the Tucson Emerging 2030 District – a private-public-nonprofit collaborative working to create groundbreaking high performance building districts in Tucson that aim to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption as well as climate-changing emissions from transportation. These targets were set forth in Architecture 2030’s national Challenge for Planning. Tucson is still categorized as “emerging” but are well on their way to joining notable cities that have achieved 2030 District recognition including Seattle, Denver and Albuquerque. Join us to learn more about this exciting movement that will help demonstrate that high performing buildings can be the most valuable and economical buildings in the region. This show made possible due to the generous support of Seaver Franks Architects.




  • The 2030 district is a model taking off across the country, which calls for a 50% reduction in building’s energy use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by 2030!
  • From San Antonio, Stamford, and Detroit, to Burlington, Cleveland and even Toronto, The 2030 Districts Network is bringing together property owners/managers, services stakeholders, and community stakeholders to work toward sustainability within commercial cores.
  • Peter Dobrovolny recognizes that water efficiency is critical in our time of a changing climate, especially in places like Tucson. The work that the 2030 district is doing is necessary for reaching these goals and working across all sectors to accomplish them.
  • Listen to the full podcast to learn more about how the Tucson Emerging 2030 district is working to help our buildings be more green!



  • Find out what sustainability efforts are being done in your city and see how you can get involved!
  • Learn more about your elected officials and how they are supporting sustainability initiatives!