Maya’s Ideas

Sometimes I just have to copy and paste so people don’t think I am making stuff up. Yes – Maya is 14 – FOURTEEN!  She writes: “Welcome to my shop! Here you will find eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing! I’m a 14-year-old designer, animator, and philanthropist. I’m also into technology and I built my first website myself in HTML. I also have a nonprofit organization called Maya’s Ideas 4 The Planet. I use 100% organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, as well as recycled vintage materials in creating my clothing and accessories. I love nature and the environment, and I use this as constant inspiration. All items are one of a kind, artisan handcrafted from the finest materials. 10-20% of the profits I make go to local and global charities and organizations.” Whew. FOURTEEN! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.