Western National Parks Association

Eric Penner Haury, author
Edward Bridge Danson: Steward of the New West

 This is a two-for-one! Did you know that the WNPA  supports parks by producing more than a half million pieces of free literature annually, including trail guides, newspapers, schedules, and brochures? Did you know that the WNPA contributed more than $55 million to national parks, generated through store sales to park visitors and the support of their members? Jim Cook will elaborate on just how this all works and why the WNPA is essential to the operations of our national parks very ability to survive. You’ll also hear from Eric Penner Haury, the nephew of Ted Danson and grandson of Edward Bridge Danson (aka Ned).  Eric’s book details Ned’s interesting, colorful life from a boy born to Cincinnati high society to a young, ambitious University of Arizona anthropology student. Ned eventually became an expert administrator with deep personal connections to northern Arizona tribal members, ranchers and scientists. He was a connector, a game changer and his grandson Eric will give us his perspective on a man he admired greatly and his lasting impact on the Southwest. Lots to fit into one show. Please join me to find out! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.