group of men and women on the roof of a home looking at a solar panel

Anya Schoolman

Impact Earth: Energy, Episode 3, Anya has worked for decades on environmental projects and policy up and down the Western Hemisphere. This work has helped her grapple with the issue of sustainable development and how to make complex issues relevant to the community. Solar United Neighbors got its start when her son Walter asked, “Mom, can we go solar?” In her role as Executive Director, Anya has been instrumental in the passage of landmark solar legislation and regulation. In April 2014, the White House selected Anya as one of 10 White House Champions of Change for Solar Deployment for her groundbreaking work to deploy solar in the National Capital Region



  • In 2007, Walter (age 12) lit the fire for the creation of Mount Pleasant Solar Cooperative (which was the birth of Solar United Neighbors) – hear this inspiring story from Anya on this show!
  • How did this organization start as a volunteer movement, grow into a 501c3 and is now grown to 11 states nationally and has partnered with national organizations to support solar programming? Join us for this podcast and be inspired!
  • The local people coming together through the cooperative have the power – what a great story illustrating the power of the people!
  • Solar United Neighbors are enabling the clean energy transition in a way that local communities’ benefit and are in the driving seat of the process. Rooftop solar is a way for a broad population to have a stake in the clean energy system – how can we continue to expand access in an evolving economy?
  • As the clean energy system and economy continues to evolve (and become more complicated), how is Solar United Neighbors addressing the issues? Anya provides important insights on this podcast!