The entire month of April will be a celebration of sustainability and the environment at Biosphere 2. Their Earth Day celebration, however, will be an extravaganza as part of the global celebration of Earth Day and the 10th anniversary of the University of Arizona’s research program at Biosphere 2. The events will draw focus to the principles of sustainability and have featured key activities. In addition to Biosphere 2’s regular tours and popular What If? programming, Earth Day will feature a three-hour series of speaker presentations on topics critical to our planet: food, energy, water and Earth. The fun, interactive, and informative day will culminate in a special sunset concert by Calexico. How could you want to spend Earth Day anywhere else? Please join us to hear more exciting details about this Wonder of the World and how they plan to make this an experience attendees will never forget. This show made possible due to the generous support of the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2.



  • The Biosphere 2 is working at the food, water, and energy nexus. Bringing ideas together for better food production, water efficiency, and energy efficiency is something the Biosphere 2 is always striving to do.
  • More than a third of our food requires active pollination by insects, animals, and birds. Biosphere 2 is going to create a pollinator garden to help the public learn about this amazing ecosystem service.
  • Did you know that bats are important pollinators in the southwest? They are essential to the pollination process of the beautiful Saguaros in our region.
  • Ladybugs? Hermit crabs? Food trucks? Listen to the full podcast to see what’s happening at the Biosphere 2 on Earth Day!


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  • Rainforest drought dynamics; energy & sustainability; water & climate – check out some of the research and projects Biosphere 2 has worked on by visiting their website!