Ten years ago, Gina Murphy-Darling said “yes”. She stepped into a role that she felt called to fulfill – being a vessel of education, inspiration, activism and leadership for the preservation of the planet…for the health of us all. Join us as we turn the tables on our Mrs. Green and put her in the guest seat. Kelly King, COO and Executive Producer for Mrs. Green’s World will be our show host as we enjoy a dialogue about a dynamic journey. We will reveal the lessons learned; delve into the issue at hand and explore the map of where the next ten years may take us. This show made possible due to the generous support of all the Mrs. Green’s World Sponsors, Partners, and Sustainers.



  • The moment that Gina knew she would step on the path of Mrs. Green began in the rainforest of Peru. The dream was spoken into word during the Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer symposium.
  • As the first pieces of Mrs. Green fell into place, the value that was driving the decisions Gina was making was (and continues to be) integrity. A trusted source of information that was not political; climate change, social justice, sustainability of the planet are not political issues, even though those in politics want it to be so. The planet doesn’t vote.
  • Gina has used her core values to build her business, Mrs. Green’s World, and that has made all the difference.
  • Examine the ways in your life that you are investing time – not spending time – and do those match with your core values?
  • The one thing that Mrs. Green is fearful about is the urgency of climate change and the complacency (she often encounters) about that urgency. Mrs. Green is about activating more of the matrix and reaching more people – we are all about educational impact…raising consciousness and creating change for good.
  • Mrs. Green’s World matters because we deliver the message of climate reality in ways that people can hear and participate in the mission. Being mindful and raising consciousness about sustainable lifestyles are the keys to creating positive change for the benefit of the planet.
  • What will the next ten years hold for Mrs. Green? Listen to this podcast to get a sneak peek into the future.
  • What grade is Mrs. Green giving on her report card for the planet? She doesn’t live in the “F”, she lives in the “A” – listen to find out more!
  • Climate change is a faceless villain – you often cannot see it but we cannot ignore that it is ever present.
  • What does think globally, act locally truly encompass? Mrs. Green shares her insights in this podcast about creating local movements that are FOR something – not against. What can each of us do to contribute towards a world that works for everyone?
  • Stay tuned! Mrs. Green’s World will be rolling out a new look in the next few months, but the consistency of bringing our audience great guests, with the big intention of raising our environmental IQs so that we all can participate in preserving our planet, will hold true.



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  • Today you can begin being a disruptor for good by making a commitment to mindfulness and conscious living.