The Beidler farm was one of the first Vermont farms to join Organic Valley Family of Farms, the largest organic cooperative in the U.S. The value of being in the Organic Valley Family of Farms? Getting your products into the kitchens of consumers. Regina has taken a leadership role in the co-op teaching farmers how to actually market their products. She gets it – she’s a farm owner, parent, spouse and active co-op member – wow. Matt’s farm is family owned and it’s a co-op member as well. Matt, along with his sister and parents, produce milk, eggs, beef and vegetables on over 200 acres of rugged farmland. He is a devoted student, gifted athlete, and an integral member of the family farm, where he contributes to daily chores in the barn, repairs and maintains farm machinery, and manages The Choiniere Family Farm website. I am quite certain neither of them get lots of sleep.