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Roric Paulman I had the honor of spending time with Roric Paulman and his wife Debbie at the 2018 Planet Forward Summit. And I say honor because he rocked my world, challenged my beliefs, and made me think – but not by telling me what to think. Roric and his family own and operate a farm they started from scratch in 1985, building to a peak of 10K acres in the 90’s, to their current 6500 acres. Roric and his family value the tradition of farming and conservation.  And they are very real about what that takes, about the challenges they constantly face and about why the solutions are sometimes extremely complicated and not always ones that environmentalists want to hear. Their values guide them to seek the truth and their decisions are guided by fact, logic and reason – all of which help them to continue to innovate to meet the goal of wanting to answer their true calling: feeding the world. Roric will share with us how Paulman Farms uses innovative and cutting-edge technology to serve their clients and to remain good stewards of their land.



  • Paulman Farms started in 1985 from scratch – Roric shares the beginning of the journey, which is all about family, on this podcast.
  • What is Paulman Farms true calling? How are they guided in that calling and what role does science play? The answer may surprise you – join us to learn more.
  • The business aspect of farming is very complex – Roric shares his experience building a farming business and the insight into what the cornerstone of business (when it comes to farming) truly is – and it starts with the family investment into the farming operation.
  • The role of water in agriculture is tremendous (of course) – but what is the stewardship model of this resource? How does a farmer make a living and be responsible? How are consumers playing a big role? The deep dive is happening on this show and it is a conversation that is vital for the future of our food supply.
  • “People want to talk at farmers” – Roric goes deeper into this statement on this show.
  • Sustainable is matching use with supply – how does this fit into a stewardship and conservation plan?
  • Roric is an active change agent, assisting national organizations that are working to preserve our planet. He is providing thought leadership and action to bring planet stewardship to life.
  • How is the farmer impacted when it comes to organic farming and how organic costs hit the farmer’s bottom line?
  • Paulman Farms shares, on their website, all that they consider in their farming process – the depth of work that goes into farming, the way that Paulman Farms operates, is amazing. Is Roric optimistic about the future of feeding the world?


  • Learn more about Paulman Farms on their website and join them on Twitter
  • Green mentions Planet Forward during the show, learn more on their website
  • Discover the Paulman Farm process here

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