The TEP mantra on this program is pretty simple: Plant a tree. Create shade. Conserve Energy. To that end, TEP has re-launched its urban forestry shade trees program. The new Trees for You program is designed to help us reduce our energy consumption by planting shade trees. Mrs. Green loves that! TEP is now partnering with Civano Nursery and other local nurseries to help homeowners, schools, neighborhoods and community groups plant shade trees to save energy and cool and beautify our community. Join us to learn from Nikole and Leslie just how to go about participating in this program and why tree conservation matters so much in this desert of ours.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power Company.



  • Plant a tree. Create shade. Save energy.
  • Reduce your energy consumption by planting shade trees.
  • Tucson residents can purchase up to three trees (at $5 a tree) per year through the program at a reduced price.
  • Do you know what number to call before you dig in the state of Arizona? Listen to this podcast to find out!
  • What benefits does planting trees have beyond energy conservation? Trees improve air quality, cool the air around the tree and create a habitat for wildlife.
  • Trees for You is a wonderful service to the Tucson community and Tucson Electric Power continues to do what they can to show that they care.
  • Be mindful about the environment you create in and around your home. Every single one of us makes a difference!