Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet

It’s hard to believe that Spring is in the air when it seems like New Year’s Eve was two days ago, but it is!  For most of us, Spring signals a time to do a deep cleaning of our homes and to get rid of “stuff.”  I think now more than ever, many of us not only want to get rid of stuff, we don’t want to replace it.  In addition, millennials appear to be a generation hard-wired for minimalism and are big fans of repurposing and haunt second-hand stores across the globe. And many of the baby boomers are downsizing and simplifying their lives. What better time to hear from two experts – one who will share with us how to go on a clutter diet and the other who will share with us the value in a fresh start. Please plan to join us.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.



  • Lose clutter, gain time and reduce stress – introduce The Clutter Diet into your life!
  • Why is it difficult for people to let things go? Fear of loss….people feel that they are losing the memory associated with the items they have. There are other ways to celebrate and appreciate that memory – listen to this podcast to learn more!
  • Clutter is delayed decisions and actions and is, therefore, manifested procrastination.
  • How do you start removing clutter from your life? Start with the area of your house that is going to give you the greatest daily impact! You will notice the difference and then use the momentum into the rest of your home.
  • Want ideas of how to organize items under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom? Lorie covers tips in this podcast!
  • When you clear clutter from your home, and thus your life…there is a calming effect. When you maintain your home, in such a way where clutter is very minimal or not at all, it creates a sanctuary for your life.
  • Lorie’s program is available online and is celebrating 10 years of helping people declutter their lives.