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Saturday, April 4 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Palm Oil vs. Rainforests: A Tragedy in the Making

Did you know that palm oil is the MOST consumed edible oil today? And that because of its versatility, the demand worldwide has tripled over the last few decades.    read more »

Down to Earth with Mrs. Green, Tuesdays at 7pm

Tuesday, April 7 at 7 pm (AZ Tim)

Pronghorns – the Sonorans vs the American Pronghons

Stephanie Doerries, University of Arizona Carson Scholar & Pronghorn Researcher, Institute of the Environment - The human population continues to expand...   read more »


Mrs. Green publishes her first book!

Mrs. Green has published her first book titled Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) . . . You’d Better Call Her Back! Listen to Mrs. Green talk about her book in the video below and use the Amazon link to purchase your very own copy!


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wp-magnificent 03.11.15

Three GREAT Green Things about Our World

Given the horrific, decimating, devastating, Draconian cuts being made to education in the state in which I live, how about a major dose of good, upbeat, intentional good news for this issue from Mrs. Green? We all need good news, right? Hold on and enjoy the smiles!

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