Mrs. Green's World, Saturdays at 12pm

Saturday, September 5 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Ecosystems Genomics – Studying the Earth's DNA

Matthew Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Departments of Microbiology and Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering Ohio State (also the co-founder of the Ecosystems Genomics...   read more »

Down to Earth with Mrs. Green, Tuesdays at 7pm

Tuesday, May 26 at 8 pm (AZ Tim)

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Mrs. Green publishes her first book!

Mrs. Green has published her first book titled Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) . . . You’d Better Call Her Back! Listen to Mrs. Green talk about her book in the video below and use the Amazon link to purchase your very own copy!


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GreatLakes-Wirepec 08.28.15

Microbeads, the Tiny Orbs Threatening Our Water

& Mrs. Green’s Three Calls To Action

Note from Mrs. Green. The article below appeared in the opinion section of the New York Times on Saturday, August 22. I literally received phone calls from friends who were on their way to their bathrooms to check their toothpaste for…

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Tip of the Day

Create an animal habitat wherever you live…
...no matter how small or how large your space is! We did one thing – bought a finch feeder for our front yard. Habitat created! read more »