Mrs. Green's World, Saturdays at 12pm

Saturday, September 20 at 12 pm (AZ Tim)

Taking Care of Business, People and the Planet

Yalmaz Siddiqui, Senior Director of Environmental Strategy, Office Depot - Office Depot's three environmental aspirations are to "Buy Green," "Be Green" and "Sell...   read more »

Down to Earth with Mrs. Green, Tuesdays at 7pm

Tuesday, September 23 at 7 pm (AZ Tim)

Sustainable Communities Series with Mrs. Green - EMERGE from Domestic Abuse

Ed Mercurio-Sakwa, CEO, EMERGE, Center Against Domestic Abuse - To me, the true definition...   read more »


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Foodies for Thought

Would it immediately grab your interest if I started this newsletter with a fun YouTube video of me doing cartwheels and jumping up and down and clicking my heels together AND looking you straight in the eye to get your attention? And if I looked you straight…

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Tip of the Day

Take your own cup with you when you travel by air. Or better yet, your stainless steel water bottle — […] read more »