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Tammy McKay and Adam KingeryOne of the biggest challenges any organization faces is how to get their staff, their customers, the clients, to change behaviors. How refreshing is it to hear about how a major utility company and a very successful non-profit have partnered together, using a “Train the Trainer” approach to educate adults to perform simple behavioral changes to help maintain comfort levels and reduce energy consumption. How do they do it? What kinds of behaviors do they target? And why in the heck would a utility company want to get their customers to reduce energy in the first place – when that’s how they generate revenue? Join me to learn the answers to these questions and to find out what kind of impact they are having with making this program a win/win. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power Company.




  • Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has partnered with the Environmental Education Exchange (E3) to educate the Tucson community on what behaviors they can change to create energy efficiency in their homes.
  • E3 is working locally, regionally and nationally to positively impact environmental literacy and positive behavior changes to support a healthy, sustainable planet.
  • Adults associate behavioral change with economic impact – the money they can save by changing behaviors is the biggest hook to get adults behind environmentally friendly lifestyle practices.
  • TEP takes such pride in how much they care about the planet and sustainability. It is a win/win/win partnership between TEP, their customers and the planet– customers still have their needs met while saving money, the infrastructure that TEP has to maintain has less demand put upon it and the planet’s healthy is valued and preserved.
  • This interview gets hijacked! Tammy and Adam take the host role and quiz Mrs. Green on her energy use knowledge. Listen to this podcast to hear this fun, educational exchange.
  • TEP and E3 have reached about 8,000 people through their adult workshop and their numbers continue to grow because of the additional programs through which they partner.
  • This podcast is full of energy efficiency tips – listen to get a few tips to use in your own life!


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  • Take a Home Energizer Workshop! Get more information here
  • TEP offers many programs for energy efficiency, including safety tips, refrigerator recycling, and so much more. Learn more about them here

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