Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center

The global human community needs the tools and skills to navigate our world, find our voices, nourish our souls and stand for doing the good thing. Agape is a community, a practice, an embodiment of evolving consciousness and a place to feed your soul. With Rev. Michael at the helm, Agape enriches the spirits of millions of people on a daily basis. Through New Thought/Ageless Wisdom teachings and the energy of unconditional love, Agape is committed to individual transformation and to each of us being of service on the planet. Join me to hear one of the world’s most respected Spiritual Masters share with us his wisdom, passion and inspiration on how to be our best selves in a troubled world.



  • Agape means unconditional love – and the experience of being in the Agape community resonates this on many levels.
  • These are the best and worst of times. That which has been hidden is now coming to the surface. We can now see what we are up against – when something emerges and can be seen, it can be transcended. We have an opportunity to heal what has been plaguing our world for so long.
  • There is an energy rising up in our world and people are freeing from themselves from the matrix – they are welcoming their assignment to make this world a better place.
  • We are being asked to mature into a kind, just, loving, compassionate culture. We are being asked, “what kind of people do we want to be?”
  • The women and the divine feminine energy is the key to creating the world that is trying to emerge for the greater good.
  • Women are emerging out of crisis – their voices are returning and the win/win paradigm of the feminine energy is taking ground. The feminine energy leads to a communion, community and sharing – cooperation not competition.
  • Rev. Michael shares his convictions on the violence we are facing due to guns – why we are where we are and where we need to go? Listen to learn more about the questions we need to address as an American culture and global community.
  • Violence is the voice of the inarticulate and rage is the voice of powerlessness. What can we do with our feelings of rage? Rev. Michael offers a path of opportunity during this podcast – tune in to hear more.
  • The weaponry industry crafts a narrative around gun violence that distracts us from the real issues at hand – what have we done to our men? What is the response of our culture, depending on the race of the assailant or the race of the victims? Why are our men disconnected in our culture? The Rev calls for a radical transformation of our values and journeys into that call in this podcast.
  • Mother Earth is a living being. The vibration of the planet has increased and she is asking us to lift our vibration to match hers. The Rev dives into the state of our climate and the disconnect that has lead us to where we are today. Again, what kind of people do we want to be…what kind of culture do we want to create?
  • Why is it so challenging for humans to have an inner shower and implement their spiritual social contract daily? Why do many of us struggle to sustain our spiritual practice? What role does ego play in this challenge? Go on this journey with one of the most inspiring guests we’ve had on our podcasts!
  • The preciousness of our life is seen as the same by the presence that is never in absence.
  • Many are called to a spiritual life of consciousness and few choose. Listen to Rev. Michael’s insights into how our lives evolve to reveal our truest talents and achieve what we are intended to work towards.
  • What is it that is trying to be born in me right now…and what is my assignment so that I may participate in the creation of the beloved community? 
  • YES! YES! YES you want to listen to this one, maybe even a couple times!