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Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming and all put together in one very large and beautiful book that is a New York Times bestseller. Drawdown is the brainchild of Paul Hawken, but the book is a culmination of the efforts of hundreds of dedicated human beings who care about the preservation of this great planet of ours. As stated in the book, Project Drawdown is a message grounded in science. It is also a testament to the growing stream of humanity who understands the enormity of the challenge we face as a planet and is willing to devote their lives to a future of kindness, security and regeneration. By identifying and researching dynamic, innovative solutions, Drawdown creates the playbook for how we can re-sequester carbon to avoid the cataclysmic impacts of global warming. Having had the privilege of hearing both Paul and Katharine speak on more than one occasion, I can assure this is a show you do not want to miss.




  • Is the term “climate change” correct? What is global warming? What are we attempting to accomplish? Why is clarity truly essential to accomplishing our intended goal? Paul opens this podcast and sets the stage for moving forward to truly preserve our planet.
  • There are only two things that will stop global warming: stop putting greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere and bring those that are already in the atmosphere, back to the earth.
  • Drawdown is the point of time when greenhouse gases peak and begin to come back down.
  • How will reversing global warming happen? How is the actual process of Project Drawdown coming to life a mirror of how humanity coming together will accomplish what is needed to draw carbon down?
  • Every problem is a teaching and a solution in disguise. What can these problems teach us? We don’t have to “fight” it or “conquer” it – it is the biggest threat we have ever faced as a civilization….but there are solutions and we can achieve them.
  • We need to change our story and conversation from “global warming is happening to us “ to “global warming is happening for us” – listen to this podcast to dive deeper into this concept with Paul Hawken!
  • Every system that denies or ignores feedback perishes. Global warming is feedback from a system that is created by life and that feedback can lead to a transformation of the world.
  • When asked what he does about “climate deniers”, Paul responded that he doesn’t do anything. He listens to learn. When was the last time you wanted someone to change your mind? People move to possibility. Drawdown is about imagination – what is possible moving forward?
  • Katharine shares a personal insight into the “gloom and doom” approach to addressing global warming – listen to her story about the tug of responsibility and possibility and how that delivered her to involvement with Project Drawdown.
  • What is silvopasture? It clocks in at number nine on the list of solutions in Project Drawdown – Katharine tells us more during this podcast.
  • There are about 130 million girls around the world that are of school age but are not in school today. The pro list of educating women and girls is long, and it turns out that the more school years a girl achieves impacts the number of children she has and how healthy her children are long term.
  • Over 60 research fellows came together to create Project Drawdown – 40% of the research fellows are women and they come from 22 countries and 6 continents
  • Part of the joy of this project? Reflecting back to humanity all that we already knew and had – there is a tremendous plan to drawdown carbon and we never knew we had it. Anyone can pick up this book and find ways to create change.
  • What are Katharine’s thoughts on the tragic gap? The tragic gap is when it is hard to stay in the space between seeing what is happening and bearing witness to that and also holding a vision of what is possible – there is work to stay in the work. We must bear witness for the reverence of life and all that we are capable of accomplishing.