Lisa BiekerSince Bosch was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, their home appliances have stood for reliability, sustainability and well-engineered technologies. They manufacture the world’s most efficient and quietist dishwashers and are the world’s largest suppliers of automobile components. Factor that in and meet Lisa Bieker. She is the epitome of one person making a difference. Lisa tells us about Serenbe and the green home she was a part of several years ago and why it mattered to her, about how she worked with the Geothermal division of Bosch, tied in EV chargers with the automotive division, and about what’s in the works around Bosch homes and GREEN! Join us to learn all that Lisa and BOSCH have been up to and why she is spearheading The Green Revolution in her corner of the world. Be inspired and remember that we can make a difference in our corners too. This show made possible due to the generous support of Bosch.



  • What happens when a company has a solid foundation that is based on valuing the health of the planet? 130 years and counting of quality and service – Bosch
  • Robert Bosch would “rather lose money than trust” and that is a value statement that Bosch has held at its core since it’s inception. “Being green” is not new to Bosch. Sustainability has been part of the company’s DNA since Robert Bosch founded the company.
  • Bosch’s commitment to the environment – from green manufacturing to efficient appliance performance, and even recycling their product when the life cycle is over– helps distinguish Bosch as a brand that exceeds energy and water efficiency standards.
  • The journey that brought Lisa to Bosch follows a winding path and the work that she is doing now reflects her passion and is all about relationships – how we get further in the world is to work together.
  • Lisa is involved with Geos – an innovative mixed use, net-zero energy development in Arvada, Colorado
  • Water retention and waste water management are issues that are becoming bigger factors in our ability to create sustainable neighborhoods and lifestyles – Geos and Bosch have factored these into the creation of their neighborhoods. Lisa and Mrs. Green discuss these factors and others (senior citizen living, food sourcing, etc) that Geos is addressing on this podcast!
  • What social behavior changes may come from building communities like Geos? Mrs. Green has thoughts shared on this podcast.
  • What about the cost of purchasing a home in a neighborhood like Goes? Lisa’s perspective is that when you are buying products, like Bosch, or homes like Geos….that are not only purposefully designed but every aspect of the engineering and design is thought of – your upfront costs are a little higher but the product will last longer and so the long term costs are less.
  • When we face tragedies, like the recent hurricanes, it creates an even stronger priority for communities like Geos.
  • Lisa believes in the importance of her work – making right choices and doing the good thing that benefits ourselves, those we love, and our planet.


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