Solitary luminaire
Gary Lauer and Rob Lauer, Co-founders, AZ Speakers SeriesGary Lauer is a man with a vision that, in partnership with his son Rob, is being crafted into reality. The vision? Create a powerful series of intellectually stimulating evenings with a few of our world’s most impactful, influential, inspiring individuals. These luminaries are scientists, technologists, innovators, world leaders, and explorers, people who for the most part are well known.  But they also thought it was important that those people have an interesting story to tell based on what they have accomplished in their lives. But what is worthy of a standing ovation? This speaker series started with a desire to bring civil idea sharing back in style. Gary and Rob and their team believe that we can all learn from people, even if we don’t agree. Given that they successfully lined up people like Joe Biden, Jane Goodall and Sanjay Gupta, among others, for the inaugural Arizona Speaker Series , starting in Phoenix this November, one must admit they hit or exceeded the mark. This show made possible due to the generous support of SeaverFranks Architects.



  • Would it not be interesting to bring luminaries of our time to the stage and bring humanity back into the discussion we are having in the United States?
  • There is an appetite for humanism to be a part of our discussions – to hear from those you may not agree with, to be provoked, to be exposed to new ideas – for gathering people together.
  • How are the guests chosen for this series? You will likely be impressed with the work that goes into the selection – hear more on this podcast.
  • Join Gary on this podcast to hear more about the speakers being featured as part of the 2018 Arizona series – personal insights shared on this show.
  • Subscribers to the series get to submit their questions for the speakers! These evenings are not recorded – this is a one-time event. Why? Gary tells us how important this aspect is for each evening – join us to learn more.
  • What happens if you can’t attend an evening in your subscription? You can participate in the Student Inspiration Program – how? Gary and Rob share the details on the show.


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