Imagine a hospital that wanted to create a kind workplace, reduce employee stress and increase productivity. Then imagine Tucson Medical Center partnering with THE  kindest organization on the planet to make that happen. Imagine Ben’s Bells. Join me for a conversation with these two amazing women who will talk about the evidence-based information and the kinds of activities in Kind Colleagues which help to deepen the practice of kindness at Tucson Medical Center’s hospitals and clinics. I, for one, believe the world can use more kindness and there isn’t an organization on the planet today that can teach us all just how to make that happen. And there isn’t a better partner than TMC to actively apply their values in everyday situations and embed kindness in the core of their culture, beginning with their staff. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Medical Center.



  • How do you rise up after one of the most tragic experiences of loss? Ben’s Bells was born through such an experience and the profound understanding of what kindness really means.
  • Kindness is a skill set – Ben’s Bells has a curriculum to teach kindness, so that we can develop our kindness skills. What is metacognition? Find out on this podcast!
  • Kind Colleagues is the program used in workplaces – with a tremendous amount of science behind this work.
  • In a hospital setting, in particular, it is common for staff to get compassion fatigue because of the level of stress innately part of their work environment.
  • Fascinating statistics shared on this podcast about how kindness is needed in the workplace and the elements of a program like Kind Colleagues – and how it generates success!
  • How do clients/customers respond when they know the business/organization they are engaging with has been trained in kindness? Laura illustrates this response, they have seen, on this show.
  • Almost 60,000 Ben’s Bells have been distributed into the world…have you discovered one? Share your story here.
  • In a depth of pain, we cut away the superficial things in our life and get to our core values – it is, at times, a shame that it takes tragedy to get us there.
  • Common humanity – we need each other as a species to survive and if we all had this curriculum, these tools, this awareness…we would be able to shift the temptations to be unkind to the action of connecting with another human being and achieving all the greatness that comes with that connection.