Arizona mountain with swirling sky at sunset
Patrick GrahamTucson Electric Power (TEP) began recognizing customers with BrightEE Awards (now known as TEP Go Green Awards) five years ago to promote awareness of its energy efficiency programs, which help customers save energy while producing substantial environmental benefits. Award recipients have demonstrated their leadership in sustainability efforts and, by recognizing organizations for those efforts, TEP hopes their achievement will inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Join me to hear about the 2018 Sustainability Partner of the Year, The Nature Conservancy (TNC). They were selected for this award because of their overall commitment to sustainability, supporting their mission to conserve the land and water on which all life depends. TNC achieves this mission through the dedicated efforts of its diverse staff; by partnering with individuals, governments, local nonprofits and corporations; and by using a non-confrontational, collaborative approach. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tucson Electric Power.



  • No matter how many acres of land were set aside for preservation, the Nature Conservancy recognized that those lands were impacted by what was happening to our planet around those lands.
  • Arizona is the 3rd most diverse biological state in the United States and the 1st most diverse biological state without a coastline.
  • The question in Arizona is not will we grow – it is how will we grow? What is the role of water in our growth? Patrick dives into these questions and more on this podcast.
  • Historically, there has been a division between the economy and the environment and that is a false choice. They are not divided – they go hand in hand and unless both are moving forward together, we will not succeed.
  • How can true collaboration drive the health of our planet, including our own health and our economic health? Great insights shared on this podcast!
  • Arizona is ground zero when it comes to climate change – those areas that are hottest and driest are only going to continue to be so, unless we take action today. Patrick provides illustrations of what will happen without reversing global warming.
  • Energy! Forests! Water! Patrick shares great insights into what is happening around energy, water and forests in Arizona and provides ways that we can all get behind solutions.



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