No matter what, don’t throw your turkey grease down the drain. Why, you ask? Colleen will explain and give you alternate solutions, too. First, she’ll tell us what kind of damage grease can to do your pipes, why it can cause costly repair bills and how it can yuk-up our sewer lines.  Next, she’ll tell us what we can do with it. The 10th Annual Friday after Thanksgiving Grease Recycling Day hosted by Clean Cities and their partners encourages you to pour that grease into a container and bring it to one of five collection sites around the city and Sahuarita.  This event also helps build awareness for the use of both biodiesel and yes – even straight vegetable oil as alternative fuels.  FYI – all of the grease you “donate” will be recycled into biodiesel – you’ve got to love that.  This show sponsored by Pima Association of Governments.