An authentic collection of 25 disposable facemasks discarded as litter in urban and rural settings, causing health hazards and environmental pollution and damage.

A Place for Us, Episode 5,  As host of our podcasts, Gina Murphy-Darling has had the honor and privilege of interviewing some of the most intelligent, passionate, brilliant and, at times, funny thought leaders from around the world about every aspect of climate change the mind can imagine. Some of them are internationally known and many others are not. But one common thread? They are all making a difference with the work they are doing to preserve this great planet of ours and all its inhabitants. From the youngest game-changers to some of the elders, to some on the deeply spiritual path, to social justice advocates, Gina has sought their wisdom, helped them tell their stories, picked their brains, found out what inspires them and often ended her interviews asking them, both on and off the air, if they have hope.

After a great deal of deep reflection, Gina realized that something was nagging at her soul after almost every interview: what were people listening thinking and what questions do they have? Where is that place for us to continue the dialogue? Where is there a place for Gina, as the host, to share her thoughts, her hopes, her challenges, and to hear yours? This podcast is that place – welcome.

This episode is made possible through the generous support of Tucson Medical Center

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