This show and story are all about one person’s incredible and very compelling story. Why did Steve Feldman start Green Demolitions and then Renovation Angel? Because he wanted to “give back” after his life was given back to him. He is a recovered addict whose life was saved 27 years ago through an addiction recovery program. He was a teenage drug and alcohol abuser raised in Poughkeepsie, New York and suffered two bouts of serious suicidal depression before he got his recovery. And give back he has. Renovation Angel. Simply put, Renovation Angel provides professional luxury kitchen removal and effortless recycling. If your kitchen qualifies as a luxury kitchen, Renovation Angel provides you with the entire upside: full tax deduction and savings, professional insured removal, packing and transport and disposal cost savings! The “goods” are then recycled and sold to homeowners from all over the world. Talk about the Green Trifecta! Owners/purchasers win, Renovation Angel’s carefully selected charity partners win and Mother Earth wins. Want to hear how it all works? So do I so plan to learn with me.



  • Renovation Angel is a great example of the true green trifecta – people, planet and profit-they create jobs, protect the Earth and help to support high-quality non-profits
  • They take care of every step in the process of donating your high end kitchen and the result is a free demolition, reduced cost for waste disposal, tax deduction and the knowledge that you are helping to create jobs and support high-quality non-profits!
  • Want to hear a great story of reaching for the moon and landing in the stars? This podcast is for you!
  • You can create opportunity in your life in the darkest moments – often times this is when the best ideas present themselves!
  • Entrepreneur? Look for markets where there are early adaptors, innovative thinkers and create an opportunity where one does not yet exist.
  • Benchmarks that Renovation Angel has met since 2005 – 16.8 million dollars worth of jobs created; they have a payroll of 1.95 million a year and 2.2 million dollars have been raised for charitable outreach programs – this is from items being “thrown out”!
  • Adults who take action to preserve the planet were often introduced to those values during their childhood – be a true hero in the life of a child and introduce them to conservation and preservation today!