The mission of the Ocean First Institute is to connect people with nature and science and to share with us the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives. Through exciting education programs and research expeditions, they help future generations put the ocean first by exposing them to its wonders and igniting their passion for impactful, hands-on marine conservation. What do they believe? That when we experience how the ocean impacts our lives we begin to understand, when we understand we begin to care, and when we care we begin to act to protect. This is the change that the Ocean First Institute is creating and is the cornerstone of everything they do. Are you ready to change? Join us to find out just what you are willing to do to protect our ocean.  This show made possible due to the generous support of Tank’s Green Stuff.



  • The ocean is our life support system and no matter where we live – the ocean is essential to our survival.
  • 70% of our oxygen in the atmosphere comes from marine plants!
  • How did life come to our planet? Because we have water – it is where life started. You don’t need science fiction – just go diving! How life is connected and the relationships under water are phenomenal.
  • The Institute was the vehicle to bring Mikki’s passion of taking the science she does with the oceans to the public – especially young people. It is truly founded on research and education.
  • Reaching over 100,000 students globally, in just the last few years, through their hands on and virtual programs – they are bringing their mission to life.
  • How did Mikki get started? She saw the movie JAWS and developed a fear of sharks – to overcome the fear, she started to read about sharks and the light was lit for her purpose in life.
  • What changes has Mikki seen in our oceans over the years? Her powerful insights are shared during this podcast.
  • Why is it important for scientists to bridge academia with public education? There is a translation problem – training scientists to be better communicators is essential to conserving our planet.
  • Fascinated with sharks and their life cycles? Mikki shares why it is essential to understand the value of the oceans and the system of life – and the role of sharks in that cycle.
  • Mrs. Green and Mikki talk about living a mindful, sustainable life and what that means today – plastic pollution is a huge crisis for our oceans. By 2050, we might have more plastic in the oceans than fish. There are solutions on the table! Learn more from Mikki’s findings and insights on this podcast and discover more about One More Generation and their One Less Straw campaign!
  • How many mass extinctions has our planet cycled through? We are experiencing the most recent one and guess who is driving it – humans.
  • Where is the Ocean First Institute going next? Their impact is far reaching and Mikki has exciting news for work in Costa Rica! How can you help to move Ocean First Institute forward? How can you be a Disruptor for Good for the oceans? Listen to hear more!
  • What is Mikki’s big dream? It is very important and you will want to hear it first hand – join us on this podcast today.


  • To learn more about the work of the Institute, please visit their website and like them on Facebook; follow them on Twitter


  • Get involved with their youth programs! Learn more here
  • The Institute offers internships and volunteer opportunities – learn more here
  • What to get involved with GreenBiz that Mrs. Green mentioned on this podcast? Visit their site
  • Make sure the seafood you consume is sustainably sourced – get involved with Seafood Watch and listen to Mrs. Green’s podcast featuring their work: The Public Face of Seafood Watch
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