Mike MallozziPART ONE:
There are many questions about stormwater and Mead Mier has the answers. What is stormwater? What can happen when it’s properly maintained? How is it managed in our region? What is green infrastructure and how does it help? Why is stormwater such a valuable resource for us? We explore these and more! In Part Two of the show we learn how PAG’s Conserve2Enchance program puts your donated water savings to work, enhancing urban waterways and green spaces. Mike Mallozzi, President of Borderlands Brewing Company, is an active participant and supporter of C2E. Borderlands Brewing Company believes that sustainable brewing includes saving precious desert water, and using a non-toxic approach to cleaning. This is an action-packed show providing valuable perspectives from two people who know their topics. Please join us. This show made possible due to the generous support of Pima Association of Governments.



  • Pima Association of Governments (PAG) is the regional metro planner and regional council; the focus is on mobility, sustainability and livability and they conduct the mobile planning for the metro area of Pima County.
  • How do we sustain our desert water resources? Conserving our drinking water, protecting our creeks and preventing storm water pollution – all three contribute to our watershed health.
  • Storm water is an important resource to the desert! The most significant source of pollution is what is called non-point source pollutants. These pollutants are gathered around the region and come from actions we may participate in during our daily lives – spraying toxins to kill weeds/pests around our home, leaking cars, litter, etc.
  • Green infrastructure mimics how nature would naturally hold the water, as opposed to having it run down the street or run off hard structures. During this podcast, you will learn why green infrastructures are essential to achieving clean water goals for all communities!
  • C2E (Conserve to Enhance) links to green infrastructure work. The conserve part encourages residential and commercial customers (who have signed up for C2E) to save water through conservation efforts and then C2E asks participants to donate their financial savings, from conserving water, to community grants to restore Pima County’s watershed.
  • The brewing industry (besides agriculture) is one of the largest users of water. It is vital that they get involved in missions like C2E, as good stewards of the planet and their business.
  • C2E is working to provide businesses with a loan opportunity (in coordination with the Community Investment Corporation, which is a public/private partnership designed to improve the quality of life around Tucson) to conserve water through various projects.
  • This podcast provides an insight into how the protection of the environment is linked to water conservation and clean water….as well as the importance of meeting people where they are in terms of climate change and their own understanding.



  • Visit Borderlands Brewing Company and support their work
  • Get involved with C2E. Households can sign up to have their water use automatically tracked online.  Businesses can become partners investing in the program.