Food & Water Watch champions healthy food and clean water for all. They stand up to and take on corporations that put profits before people, and advocate for a democracy that improves people’s lives and protects our environment. They are working every day on our behalf to create a healthy future for our families and for generations to come—a world where all people have the resources they need, including wholesome food, clean water and sustainable energy. What does making this happen require? How do they build large movements with the political power to make our democratic process work? How are they a strong stand against corporations “buying” public policy? Join me to learn the answers to these questions and to hear about their successes and current most pressing issues. This show made possible due to the generous support of Tank’s Green Stuff.



  • Food & Water Watch (FWW) advocates for common sense policies that improve the way our food is grown and produced and make our drinking water safe and affordable.
  • What does the word policy truly mean? What is hiding behind pollution? How are generations truly impacted by the environmental toxins in our world today?
  • How is FWW involved in preserving democracy in America? Learn more from David on this podcast.
  • 173 chemicals are now being sprayed on our crops in California – coming from the oil industry. Who and what are we up against in the fight for our lives?
  • We are talking about the annihilation of our planet and the death of all life on our planet – climate change, global warming are soft terms to lessen the blow of what is happening. We are destroying our home.
  • What is pollution trading? Pollution is another soft term for poison. You will be shocked as to what pollution trading is and what is happening – shared on this podcast.
  • By 2030, there is a projected 40% increase in breast cancer cases in the United States. Asthma, diabetes, tumors, autism, ADD/ADHD – all on the rise. How are we, as consumers, put to sleep by marketing? How can we organize our consumer power to rise up?
  • Change is happening! David talks about what is happening in Virginia – how can we build systems to support true leaders in office so that they are not pressured by corruption?
  • We are fighting to save our democracy – it is about our water, GMOs, chemicals in our food and the poison we are putting in the air, land and water.
  • Earth, our bodies and the start of our life in the womb is water. Access to clean water – it is a natural right. The problem is that people are trying to make money off of people’s basic rights. What can we do to stand up against this atrocity? David has insight into a clear plan – listen to learn more.
  • FWW is suing Jared Kushner’s office and the administration on behalf of the people of the United States – David shares the “why” behind this lawsuit and why it really matters.
  • There are successes and one of the greatest examples is banning fracking – David shares the good news about this victory and others!
  • David has really solid calls to action – and they include gathering others and spending time with those you love. Listen to hear his thoughts and know that love will light the world.



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  • Get involved with a FWW campaign today!
  • Watch WHAT THE HEALTH mentioned during this podcast
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