Roderick holding her guitar
Libby RoderickPhew – and she IS all that! For so many of us, music is our happy place, our healing place, our place that can feed our souls, calm us down, make us think, make us nostalgic. Well, Libby Roderick’s songs do all of those things for me. At a very low and exhausting part of my life earlier this year, I went to a workshop hosted by the Center for Compassion at the University of Arizona. The person conducting the workshop, Kathleen Dean Moore, was amazing and played the song Cradle of Dawn by Libby Roderick. I was hooked and have been listening to her environmentally and socially conscious songs every single day since. The surprising power and depth of her music and the humor and spontaneity of her performances have attracted large and enthusiastic audiences across the continent and all over the world. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.


  • How we see the world is influenced heavily by our childhoods…our families, where we lived and how we lived – Libby’s journey of how she came to be in the world is truly outstanding. She takes us down her path in this podcast.
  • What are your signs of connection to our Earth? Because you are a loving, caring human being with an open heart…you experience your Earth connection in very powerful ways. Libby explores these responses during the show and how they come through her music.
  • How do we nurture our children’s connection to nature? How can we be intentional in our parenting? How can we nurture our connection to nature? It is essential to living an enlightened and enriched life.
  • Love is a political force – it is where the juice comes from….where we find the energy, the force; to carry on the work of keeping our heart open and express the emotional experience of being on the planet together.
  • Do you know the secret benefits of singing together? Libby shares how music truly bring us together and the physical and emotional benefits of singing in community together.
  • Music has a unique way of integrating our bodies with our heart and then connecting individuals together – there is a oneness about the experience of music.