The word "VOTE" written in wooden letterpress type

Russell Lowes, author and activist

In Mrs. Green’s World, we don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to. Our vision is to be the most trusted educational platform addressing the environmental crisis. Being a resource to encourage active participation in the voting process and education on the issues at hand aligns with our core vision and mission.  

For our Arizona residents, The Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Act (Proposition 127), gave us an opportunity to showcase healthy discussions and provide thorough information about this heavily debated proposition on our ballot this November 6th.

If you are an Arizona resident, we hope you’ll take the time to listen to both 30-minute podcast episodes. You’ll hear from both sides, for and against this proposition, and then you can also read more about it on the Arizona Voter’s Guide.

For our friends around the country, our plea is simple! Educate yourself, do your homework, find out which people of influence and what organizations are endorsing propositions and/or candidates and vote with your values. Here are a few of our favorite educational resources: 

  • Fact vs. Fiction? Commercials, newspaper articles and even many television news stories are often loaded with bias or false information. The Media Bias/Fact Check website is dedicated to educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices and inspiring action to reject overtly biased media and return to an era of straight forward news reporting. You can even search for your local papers and see how it’s rated and if you read fake and/or bias news, submit a Fact Check Request via their website, they’ll do some research and post their findings!  
  • Vote Smart, Facts Matter: Search by your zip code here to look over your current representative’s voting records and find out who all has endorsed all the current candidates running in your area. Next, take some very quick quizzes on the issues/topics that matter most to you and this site will help narrow down the candidates most in alignment with what you value. You can also read all about them right from this site. 
  • Dark Money: This is something we all need to care about. There’s a great website called Open Secrets, where you can learn who and why candidates in your area are taking and using lots of it. In Arizona, we would also recommend reading the Arizona Advocacy Network Transparency Report

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Let us light the way. The rights of all…and Mother Earth, are in our hands. Voting in this election matters perhaps more than ever before and the life you save may be your own. What happens to our medical care, including Medicare and Medicaid, is monumental to the health of our country. Energy policies, education policies, criminal justice reform and immigration reform are all highly visible issues in the national debate. We all need to step up, do our homework and vote with our values! The decisions/votes made by our elected government representatives over these next couple of years will impact the lives of millions of people one way or the other.  

Let’s VOTE this November 6th… and encourage everyone we know to do the same!