Health care and voting
Judy Rich, Tucson Medical Center, President and CEO & Andy Slavitt, Health policy expert & former Director CMS administratorVoting has always been a cornerstone of the American democratic process. It helps shape communities, create solutions for complex and sometimes divisive problems and it defines us a country. Voting can also help to create an environment where bi-partisan solutions are possible. Many leaders from around the country, from the private and public sectors, are actively and strongly encouraging people to get out and vote, to insure their voices are heard, that their views and values are represented. There is quite a bit at stake for our country this November 6th. What should you consider when evaluating candidates and why is it of critical importance when it comes to your healthcare? Judy and Andy will explain to us why Medicaid is vitally important to the health of everyone and what will happen if it goes away. Your vote counts. Join us and be a fully informed voter.





  • Voting has always been a cornerstone of the American democratic process – it helps to shape communities, create solutions for complex and sometimes divisive problems and defines us as a country. Getting out to vote has always been important and this November 6th– it is of particular importance. This podcast gets into the depth of issues facing health care in our country and what every voter needs to consider when casting their vote next month.
  • Vote for the Health of It started at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) because the leadership of TMC believe that their employees being registered to vote and then actually voting is an essential part of TMC being able to fulfill their mission: delivering exceptional healthcare with compassion.
  • Andy sheds light into how our two primary political parties – Republicans and Democrats – have historically seen the issue of medical and health care. What is at the heart of the issues on our ballots this November, in regards to how our nation addresses medical care? Listen to learn more.
  • How do voters really know the truth about the candidates they are voting for? Look at their voting track record. #VotesNotQuotes
  • If a candidate is new to the political arena, how does a voter really know who they are? Andy’s suggestion: look at who is funding their campaign.
  • Is the current Affordable Care Act sustainable? Hear what Judy and Andy have to say, and their thoughts on the future, on this podcast.
  • How does the denial of healthcare to millions of people put our country at risk? Judy and Andy address the health and financial sides of this story during this podcast – and guess what, climate change is a part of this too.
  • Did you know that in 1965, before Medicare, 1 out of every 3 seniors lived below the poverty level? Medicare has an 88% satisfaction level.
  • Going and voting is empowering – the act of voting itself is healthy! We get to decide our healthcare future. Every single issue on the ballot in your state matters – take the time to educate yourself and exercise your right to vote.


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