Sometimes public/private partnerships just work. It usually takes cooperation and patience on both sides. When it comes to creating a successful recycling program on a property with three restaurants and hundreds of employees, how do you make it work? As one of the greenest and most outstanding examples of a sustainable property in southern Arizona, Todd Hanley and his team have taken it on and quite successfully. How far do they want to go? And what are customers saying about these green efforts? Join us for a fun, informative interview to hear good news about a partnership that’s working and why it matters. This show made possible due to the generous support of City of Tucson, Department of Environmental Services.



  • Did you know that 70% of what is thrown away in most business settings is recyclable? In grocery stores, it is more like 80% of waste that is put in the landfill is recyclable or compostable!
  • More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year and 80% of marine litter makes it’s way there from land based sources!
  • Did you know that 30% of every print job, sent to a printer in an office, is never picked up!
  • One thing we can all do to educate ourselves is schedule a tour of our local landfill – you will likely be amazed at what you learn!
  • A key element to Hotel Congress/Maynards success when it comes to recycling/composting, staff engagement and commitment is essential.
  • Of the 3500 businesses in Tucson, that the City’s Department of Environmental Services provides service to; only 10% are recycling at the time of this podcast.
  • The challenge that Cristina’s office sees is smaller businesses (that are office based) and lease space from a property management company. Recycling may not be a service that the management company offers.
  • Hotel Congress/Maynards is truly leading the way for businesses in the City of Tucson – Todd shares his insight (and success story) into the process of getting your business on board the sustainability train!
  • Whether you are a resident or a business, and you want to reduce your carbon footprint, the first step is to reduce your consumption and reduce your waste – and then recycle!
  • A key to recycling is to participate in the recycling process – purchase goods made from recycled materials.



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